Advertio® Ad Insertion

Manage, schedule and insert your local TV advertising with Vigor’s advanced linear ad insertion platform.

Cost Effective, Secure and Scalable Linear Ad Insertion

Known for outstanding performance and reliability and  the ability to scale as you grow, Advertio allows operators to adapt their ad insertion capacity quickly and easily. With your scheduling, traffic and billing reports all centralized via Vigor’s intuitive software, Advertio enables you to lower your operating costs to generate new local ad revenue. Advertio usage is based on licensed channels, giving buy-as-you-need purchasing options.

Leverage Future Proof Technology with Advertio Cloud

Ad Insertion - Advertio

Dramatic Reduction in Costs and Operational Complexities

In addition to Vigor’s standalone ad insertion solution, Advertio Cloud is now available for organizations looking to reduce costs and quickly replace aging equipment.

Benefit from the increased reliability and performance of cloud-based control and automation while avoiding upfront costs on infrastructure.

By moving media delivery, scheduling and monitoring into the cloud, operators will see a dramatic reduction in costs and operational complexities with the Advertio Cloud solution.

Advertio Cloud Benefits

  • No upfront costs
  • Monthly rental of Vigor Server (Advertio configuration TBD) which easily plugs in and intuitively runs itself.
  • Access to the Vigor Cloud Portal via desktop or mobile device
  • Free server shipping from Vigor
  • Remote assistance from Vigor with the installation and commissioning of the system
  • Ongoing support for all Portal, hardware, and software updates and upgrades

Advertio Cloud Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Configurable monitoring matrix based on channel lineup
  • Quick upload tool for ad media and CCMS schedules
  • Scalable station infrastructure set up
  • Media and play-out log monitoring from a central location

Choose the Best Server Configuration Option for Your Operations


Powerful linear ad insertion on compressed video channels. Advertio is a high density DPI ad server when used in conjunction with SCTE-compliant ad splicers.

Advertio UHD

Reliable playout of Ultra HD content designed specifically for operators looking to showcase ultra-high quality content across their network.

Advertio Prolog

Cost-effective, entry level access to a fully-featured local ad insertion platform. Prolog combines an advanced ad server with an ad insertion control, monitoring and automation system.

Advertio PLUS

Eliminate the need for costly external splicing equipment. Vigor Advertio PLUS combines ad insertion on compressed video channels and play-out in one device.

Advertio QTone

Extend the capability of your Vigor server by allowing analog DTMF tones, GPIO relay closures, and digital SCTE messages to be used to trigger linear ad insertion events.

Advertio Digital Inserter

Local ad insertion on two digital baseband channels with Vigor’s combined video server and splicer.