Vigor Announces v8.0 Software Release

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The v8.0 software upgrade benefits Vigor’s current customers

February 2016 – San Diego, CA. – Vigor, a leader in TV content distribution and ad insertion services, has announced the v8.0 software release for its current platforms, PitchBlue and Advertio. The v8.0 software upgrade benefits Vigor’s current customers by creating improved delivery speeds and expanded audio and content options. In addition, this release has given Vigor the opportunity to enhance security implementations on their cloud platforms by incorporating new rigorous testing for software attacks. Vigor has leveraged v8.0 as a way to support major content providers who took steps to tighten security. For stations in the PitchBlue footprint, v8.0 will expand syndicated distribution options and improve delivery speeds.

The platform, which consists of the Magnubox® server, management software and 24/7 monitoring, is North America’s largest syndicated program delivery service. The 1,500 station footprint is used to distribute media from major content owners, including CBS, WB and Sony. As a part of this upgrade, 20th Television will start to use the PitchBlue footprint for distribution of its syndicated TV material. V8.0 will give PitchBlue content partners more flexibility in their delivery by handling content originating from 720p, in addition to 1080i, as a video source format. Lastly, the PitchBlue platform will transition to AAC-LC audio, a higher compression, royalty-free audio solution that will be easier for stations to implement.

Vigor’s advanced linear local ad insertion platform, which includes the Advertio high density DPI ad server for SD and HD content, will also receive upgrades with the release of v8.0. For operators looking to invest in the UHD video marketplace, the Advertio IP playout servers will support UHD H.265 and be fitted with high speed SSD drives. The new software features are a major upgrade for our stations, giving them more flexibility and content options,” says Sam Fulton, Development Team Leader. He adds, “Vigor is currently developing a unified platform for content distribution and ad insertion that is unique to the industry and the functionality created by v8.0 is a huge milestone for that development.

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Vigor is a privately owned, TV technology services company with a thriving network of technology partners and customers within the media, cable and broadcast industries. Founded by Magnus Sorlander in 2002, the company provides ad insertion and content distribution solutions and products for broadcasting, cable and IPTV networks. Vigor Systems raised the content distribution bar with PitchBlue®, its flagship platform designed in collaboration with CBS and Warner Bros. In addition, Vigor’s ad insertion-as-a-service solution offers customers unprecedented business opportunities. Vigor has operations in Asia and across the United States.

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