OneVigor Media Management

Progressive media solutions inspired by the challenges of today’s digital media supply chain.

Media Management Built for Your Needs

Digital content is being produced at lightning speed and in enormous volumes – especially large, bandwidth intensive files. Has storing, sharing, and collaborating on those assets grown to be a challenge? OneVigor’s media solutions have been inspired by real-world customer needs and the challenges of today’s digital media supply chain.

Which Media Management Solution is Best For You?

Digital Media Management & Solutions

OneVigor Media Management is built for broadcasters and other media outlets looking to evolve their media asset management needs.


  • Track content from ingest to playout
  • Store and organize for easy future access
  • Effortlessly manage videos, images and documents in large scale
  • Implement metadata and the workflows that come with them

Designed for global brands to transform their marketing challenges into compelling brand stories, Edisen is a robust marketing platform architected to go beyond basic digital asset management needs.


  • Get campaigns to market faster
  • Empower your team to make decisions
  • Eliminate regional silos for brand guidelines
  • Connect creative resources globally

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Media Management Features:

Libraries & Channels

  • Create, invite and manage the teams you need.  Easily set up channels and libraries and organize assets.

Collaboration & Workflows

  • With a strong feedback system in place, comments or approval requests won’t get lost or hold up the process.

Security & Permissions

  •  Protect your media with permission settings, secure sharing and version control.

Store, Search & Share

  • Store and share a variety of media types including images, videos, PDFs, and MS Office files. Add robust metadata to each piece of content and library. Easily share to existing and new users.