Public Television Chooses Vigor® to Deploy Future-Ready File Delivery System

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Industry-proven PitchBlue® platform will enable public media’s move to terrestrial interconnection.

February 6, 2018 – San Diego, CA. – Vigor Systems, Inc., an innovator in television content distribution, has been selected by the Public Television (PTV) system to design, implement and manage a new terrestrial broadband-based file delivery system, Service Interconnection, or sIX.

Vigor’s PitchBlue platform, on which the sIX project is based, is a successful cloud-based content distribution, management, monitoring, and storage solution already widely used across the broadcast industry.

Features of the new sIX platform include:

  • Cloud-based “pull” access to content on-demand, when stations need it rather vs. a scheduled satellite feed;
  • “Anytime” file dissemination for distributors;
  • “Push” capabilities that make it easy for stations to distribute locally produced content
  • Timely content status visibility, change notifications and metadata updates that will allow stations to further automate and streamline their workflows;
  • Future flexibility thanks to Vigor’s and the public television system’s commitment to vendor-agnostic, industrywide standards and open APIs.

The new content distribution infrastructure will enable the delivery of content to stations and joint master controls (JMCs) from a variety of distributors, including PBS, American Public Television (APT), and the National Educational Television Association (NETA). It will also make it possible for stations to distribute their own locally produced content.

According to PBS Chief Technology Officer Mario Vecchi, “sIX will make it possible for stations to get the content they need when they need it via a cloud-based library, a secure MPLS fiber connection, and a simple web interface. We are very pleased to be able to leverage Vigor’s highly successful, industry-tested solution and to partner with them on this project. This transition confirms public television’s commitment to capturing all the efficiencies and cost-savings made possible by the latest advances in technology. As the media landscape continues to evolve, a more robust, resilient and future-ready file and metadata delivery system will ensure that public television continues to evolve and thrive along with it.”

Vigor was chosen from a large pool of industry respondents through an independent RFP process managed by Deloitte for PBS on behalf of the public television system. Stakeholders from across the system participated in the RFP evaluation process in which Vigor was selected as the industry partner best able to meet the business requirements laid out in the RFP.

Level 3 Communications, which was recently acquired by and is now known as CenturyLink, will supply the connectivity piece of the project. As the largest provider of broadcast traffic systems to PTV stations, Myers Information Systems will also participate in the project to ensure a seamless integration with existing station equipment.

According to Vigor CEO and Founder Magnus Sorlander, “Vigor’s PitchBlue is the largest TV content distribution platform in the U.S., distributing billions of dollars’ worth of content via the cloud from partners such as CBS, Warner Brothers, Sony, 20th Television FOX and Deluxe to more than 1,700 local TV stations. We are honored to partner with the public television system and to use our technology to further the public media mission of PTV stations and content producers.”

The new system will launch in phases, beginning with the alpha deployment, which began in November and is scheduled to be complete in the first quarter of 2018. The current contracts will remain in place through 2020, with Vigor acting as the services integrator providing the technical maintenance and support for the interconnection system.

About Vigor Systems, Inc.

Vigor Systems, Inc. is a privately owned, TV technology services company with a thriving network of technology partners and customers within the media, cable and broadcast industries. Founded by Magnus Sorlander in 2002, the company provides ad insertion and content distribution solutions and products for broadcasting, cable and IPTV networks. Vigor Systems raised the content distribution bar with PitchBlue®, its flagship platform designed in collaboration with CBS and Warner Bros. In addition, Vigor’s ad insertion-as-a-service solution offers customers unprecedented business opportunities. Vigor has operations in Asia and across the United States.

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