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Frequently Asked Questions


Contact us explaining your needs and we will work with you. With us you only pay per use.
Our hosted services are affordable for any business size. Whether you own/operate one single TV station or a large Cable MSO you will only pay per use at a predictable cost.
We leverage cloud technology and years of experience and development.
We use Amazon Web Services which is one of the most secure hosted cloud environments available today.


No, our industry-leading hardware comes as part of the service
Our equipment is fast and easy to install and configure
Give us a call at +1 866 748 4467 ext. 2. If a replacement appliance is needed, we typically ship you an appliance overnight.
It is invisible to any devices that may want to connect to it. The appliance is only connecting into our hosted service.
Via the Internet. Also, our Pitchblue appliance uses satellite for content delivery
We use CCMS standard that can be ingested by major Traffic & Billing systems

Account Set up

Our customer service is available 24/7
It depends on the scale of your operation. On a 10 MB connection you can download a 30 second spot in under two minutes.
We synchronize the content from cloud to local appliances as needed. Short-term Internet outages are not an issue
Send an email to our customer support

Service & Support

Give us a call or send us an email
The appliances are always connected to our hosted service.
Some of the main benefits include: no capital expenditure, no maintenance, we take care of the upgrades, if it breaks we ship a new appliance to you overnight.
Give us a call at +1 866 748 4467 ext. 2, our customer service is open 24/7